It is simply another mortgage on your property – secured against the property, following the current existing mortgage. The term “second” indicates that the loan does not have priority on your home over the current mortgage holder. Instead your existing first mortgage has priority and would be paid before any funds go towards the second mortgage should there be a default. You can use the cash from a second mortgage any way you wish; for example to consolidate your debts, make home improvements, pay for tuition, buy a vehicle or finance a vacation, etc.

Why Choose a Second Mortgage?

  • To get current on their actual mortgage and/or to consolidate high interest debts;
  • Pay for judgement, tax debts that resulted on a lien on their property;
  • Pay for unexpected expenses;
  • Fund their business or to invest.

Qualification – Why TempBridge?

Second mortgages are a little harder to obtain than first mortgages. Second home loans usually come with slightly higher rates than they would for new purchases, however in the case of using a 2nd mortgage to consolidate your debt you could benefit from lower interest rates and lower monthly payments.




Choose from our short-term mortgage loans payable from 6 to 24 months.
Applicable loan amount: between $300,000 and $25,000,000.



Loan payments are based on interest only monthly payments. However, if the security fails to earn enough cashflow to pay the debt, borrowers may be asked for an interest reserve in order to secure the loan. It is necessary that the company secure the loan in fairness to both the borrower and the lender.



Loan approval is normally made on a case by case basis. Our mortgage processors are well-experienced. As the entire mortgage and application process is completed in our office, we are flexible in the documentation that we require and are able to customize the mortgage into a workable structure that meets your needs. The following requirements are needed to be considered for a mortgage loan approval:

  • Important asset attributes such as its location, quality, design, value, etc.;
  • Ability to generate income in the present and in the future;
  • Borrower's and/or Guarantor's financial information, e.g., credit record and financial capability;
  • Clear exit strategy.


The project specifications and amount of funding determine the fees of our conventional loans. These fees normally range from 1% to 3%. However for construction financing we will require from 3% to 4% of the amount of the loan due to the complexity and work involved until completion of the project. For other types of financing we will require more documentation and information about the project before we can determine the amount of the fees associated with your loan.


While typical mortgage lenders increase their loan requirements even in the midst of a challenging market, TempBridge continues to offer prudent underwriting criteria so that it can accommodate more borrowers and developers and help them fulfill their projects. With this strategy, the company can help more borrowers who deserve the financial help they need as well as provide security both to the lender and borrower.

TempBridge can assist borrowers by financing up to 80% of the value of the qualified real estate property. With its acquisition program it will be easy for applicants that have the necessary requirements to be approved for a mortgage loan and achieve the financial solution they need.

If, for example, you have equity tied up in a property you currently own and need to access some of that equity for another purchase then TempBridge can help you solve this problem. TempBridge can find ways to accomplish this as its team members’ expertise and experience in the market is extensive, which makes it easy for them to find solutions to these types of problems.

If you are planning on developing a real estate property or opening a real estate developer business, we can help you achieve your goals. The company provides this kind of assistance to its borrowers. By being available for consultation and assistance, TempBridge can better support their clients.

TempBridge can help business owners who own the property they operate by providing them feasible solutions on how they can tap into equity from the property and use that as a working capital in the business operations. Clients can use this capital to pay their debts and often at lower rates than they currently have since many of these debts are credit card based.

Contact TempBridge ((514) 484-8000) for your real estate mortgage financing solutions. The company is becoming one of the most patronized commercial real estate financers as it provides innovative solutions to help you in your mortgage financing needs.